Italian version:

We are AQUILASMUS ESN L'AQUILA, ESN stands for Erasmus Student Network, that is the only official Erasmus network in Europe and it is present in more than 430 Higher Education Institutions from 37 countries with around 13500 active members. We are a NO-PROFIT association, that means we are just voluntary students (mainly ex-erasmus as well) who get no money for their time and work spent just to help and entertain the Erasmus students! We help incoming Erasmus students to: - Find an house in L'Aquila; - Get a fiscal code (called "codice fiscale"), you especially need it to get a card to eat at university refectory. - Learn Italian or any other language, we have a special working team called TANDEM, you can practice the language you like having conversations with other foreign students like you; - Have any kind of informations about the crazy student life in L'Aquila! - Crazy parties, they are unique and famous since they are the only where Erasmus get free entrance, discounted drinks and a true international and friendly atmosphere you can't find anywhere else. - Travels, some of the "long" ones are in Venice, Florence, Naples, Sicily, Bologna, Genoa, etc.; - Cineforums, we show the best Italian movies, subtitles are included to help you understand; - many other things! We are all students at the first place, and most of us have been Erasmus students themselves. Aquilasmus is NOT our job and we don't get money out of it. We do it just because we love it! ANYONE IS INVITED TO JOIN US AND GIVE A HAND!