Tandem Linguistici 2019-2020

(First Semester)

Do you want know other languages and cultures? Come to Tandem to meet Italian and International students!
Through the linguistic tandem you can practice or discover new languages with and offer the knowledge of your language.
You will also receive 2 CFUs for this activity**
All the meetings will take place in: Room 0A - ground floor, at (DSU) Human Sciences Department from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m
Except from 24th October meeting.
Tandem calendar(available in PDF, at the bottom of the page):
  • Thursday, October 17th - Open Day 
  • Thursday, October 24th (Room 1A)
  • Thursday, November 7th - Tour del centro storico e aperitivo
  • Thursday, November 14th
  • Thursday, November 21th - Cinetandem
  • Thursday, November 28th
  • Thursday, December 5th - Giochi da tavolo e aperitivo
  • Thursday, December 12th
  • Thursday, December 19th - "Natale con noi"



Sign up online at this link: https://urly.it/32x2n

** 2 credits are granted by attending at least 16 hours of the 18 planned.

We are waiting for you!

For more info :

Info: calvor@cc.univaq.it
Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/Centro.Linguistico.UnivAQ/
Website: http://www.univaq.it/section.php?id=1468

Centro linguistico di Ateneo
Viale Nizza 14, 67100 L'Aquila ( https://osm.org/go/xdKFeyesS?m= )


In partnership with Aquilasmus - ESN L'Aquila
Our contacts:

Website: http://www.esnlaquila.it/
General Info: info@esnlaquila.it

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/aquilasmus_esnaq/
YouTube Channel: http://bit.ly/aquilasmusvideo
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