It was built in the beginning of 1924. Committed by Pope Celestino the Fifth. He was the creator of the first Jubilee in the history, giving a Plenary Indulgence to the habitants of L'Aquila. Entering through the lateral door called “Porta santa” (Sacred Door) every sin was forgiven. Every year, between the 28 th and the 29 th of August, the city is animated by several concerts, shows and events in order to the opening the Sacred Door. This is the biggest and main event of the city: people, tourists and believers come from all over to join this massive celebration, called “Perdonanza Celestiniana”. The church is situated in the top of a small hill, Collemaggio, just around the city centre. This marvellous buildin is sorrounded by a big park: Parco del Sole (Park of the Sun), where students and people in general go to have pic-nics or to chillout in the beautiful and green environment of Collemaggio, going for a walk through the wonderful tree-lined driveway.

Since the end of 2017, all the restoration works have been finally concluded. Collemaggio was hardly damaged during the earthquake in 2009. Fortunately now it's possible to visit the church again, appreciating its beauty and majesty!