Non EU and Extra Schengen students, enrolled in University courses or a single area of teaching, who want to stay in Italy for more than 90 days, must request a RESIDENCE PERMIT.


-The application form;

-Your valid passport or any other equivalent travel document bearing an entry visa, if required;

-A photocopy of your (full) passport or another valid travel document bearing an entry visa, if required;

-4 recent and identical passport-size photographs;

- a duty stamp worth € 16;

- Receipt of payment of € 30,46 and € 30,00 for the delivery service of the practice via Poste Italiane.

- Rental agreement or declaration of hospitality accompanied by an identity document of the host person.

- Economic Certification: foreigners who intend to come to Italy for study must demonstrate that they have sufficient resources to ensure their subsistence during the planned stay.

The economic availability can be demonstrated by personal or economic guarantees provided by institu-

tions and Italian organizations or foreign institutions and bodies considered as reliable by the Italian Diplomatic Authority (for example: bank c/c, bank guarantees, bank or insurance guarantee policies, etc.).


First Step - Fill the forms. You can find the forms  in the special kit (yellow kit/ Kit Giallo) available in every "Poste Italiane" office. Forms must be filled in capital letters, with a black pen and within the appropriate spaces.

One of the Post Offices in L’Aquila

Address: VIA Cardinale Mazzarino, 76 - 67100, L'AQUILA (AQ)

Telephone number: +39 0862 420824

Opening hours: From Monday to Friday – 8:20 - 13:35

More info about post offices here >


Second Step - Immigration Office

Together with the receipt, the Post Office will also give you a letter inviting you to go to the Immigration

Office in a certain date and time (usually in a couple of weeks) in order to take your fingerprints and show

all the originals of the documents you put in the kit.


On the day of the appointment, remember to bring with you:

1. Your passport

2. The invitation letter for the Immigration Office you obtained from the Post Office

3. The original documents you put inside the kit

4. Four passport-sized photographs with light background

Overall it takes around one month and a half to obtain the Residence Permit, from the moment you submit

the kit at the Post Office.


Questura of L’Aquila (Immigration Office)

You will receive an SMS message that says to you when you have to go to the Police Station(immigration office)

Adress: Via Strinella n.1 67100 (L’AQUILA - AQ)

Telephone Number: +39 0862 4301


Timetables: Monday and Tuesday 9:00 – 12:00

                      Thursday and Friday 9:00 – 12:00



-Stamp Duty of € 16,00.

- € 30,46 for the issuing of the electronic residence permit valid for 1 year.

- € 30,00 to pay via Poste Italiane (cost of the service) in the moment of the sending.


While the public services in Italy are reliable, as a foreigner you also have the option of acquiring private health insurance in Italy, which the majority of foreigners tend to do. It is important to understand which type of health insurance in Italy you are eligible for long before stepping on an airplane. Medical insurance in Italy is a requisite if you plan to stay for longer than 90 days.

Students can buy a private health insurance in their own country before departure.

It is always advisable that the documentation concerning insurance is validated by the Italian embassy and translated in Italian or in English.

Otherwise students can buy a private health insurance from an Italian company upon arrival.